RBQM Operations 2022
27-28 September 2022 2-6pm GMT+1 (BST)

About the event

RBMQ Operations 2022 is for anyone who needs to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and data quality of their clinical trials. Most people understand the theory of implementing risk-based approaches, but struggle to put them into practice. Many are struggling with issues such as change management in their organization, implementing Central Monitoring in Early Phase trials, and with managing new types of risks from DCTs and new technology. If that’s you, or you recognise those problems, then register now for this free virtual event. You’ll hear from industry experts from Sponsors and CROs, people who have overcome the challenges to successfully implement RBQM solutions and technology. You’ll be joining a growing community of people who want to improve clinical research through RBQM.

Why You Should Register For This Event

  • Address the big challenges in RBQM
  • It’s not about theory, it’s about real world practice
  • Hear from Sponsors and CROs who’ve done it
  • Connect with experts and get your questions answered
  • Join the growing RBQM community
  • Free to register for you and your team



Intro and welcome


What's the point of Quality Management?

Data Quality - what is it and why is it so important?

How do statistics drive study goals and quality?

Who has a stake in quality and how do you align them?

What do the regulatory authorities really want to see?


Setting up your study for success

What's critical, how do I know and why do I care?

How is monitoring driven by data source and collection?

How can I turn risks into assets?

How does the patient journey affect quality?

How does monitoring drive quality and efficiency?

How does data visualization enable risk control?

What does good risk assessment look like?


The devil is in the (data) detail

How do (or don't) standard data sets support RBQM?

What's the importance of missing data?

What's the difference between a KRI and a KPI?

Wrap up




Intro and welcome


Early Phase Central Monitoring

Why is RBQM so important in Early Phase studies?

How do we fine-tune Central monitoring for Early Phases?

How do we identify and asses patients at risk?

How do we get to zero SDV?


Later Phase Central Monitoring

How does Central Monitorning differ between Early and later phases?

Do you trust the data enough to make a decision?

What are the RBQM challenges for DCT and hybrid studies?

What does good Central Monitoring look like in practice?


Organizing for success

What roles and structure are requied for end-to-end quality management?

How big is the skills gap and what can you do about it?


Q&A Panel

Wrap up




Duncan Hall
Tammy Finnigan
Laura Illingworth
Kirsten Mcaulay
Nicole Stansbury
Esther Huffman
Hanna Preus
Jonathan Rowe
Lisa Freeman
Macarena Sahores

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